Objective of Research

The objective of research is to evaluate the plaque removal effect of the “TAMPOPO no Tane” (“360do BRUSH" in English brand name) cylindrical toothbrushes.
Artificial Plaque Removal Effect Testing

We applied a coating of artificial plaque (see Note) to normal chin models (three pieces) assuming the inside of mouth of able-bodies people and calculated a removal rate from the region of artificial plaque residue (image shooting) after brushing and washing out. Note: We used the manicure type because it allows for the standardization of adhesion width and thickness.
Materials used:

Denture model: Jaw model (Prosthetic restoration jaw model: D16FE-500A(GSF)-GF) (Nissin Dental Products Inc.)
Artificial plaque: 8mL (Nissin Dental Products Inc.) (Manicure type of artificial plaque colored with pink)
Testing procedure:

(1) Preparation for coating
Give the container of artificial plaque a good shake so as to homogeneously mix the plaque.

(2) Coating
Soak a provided brush with the artificial plaque and remove excess liquid at the
container edge, and then apply a coating of the artificial plaque homogeneously to the whole circumference of all teeth (28 teeth) of the jaw model (one brush per two teeth).

(3) Drying
Dry the plaque naturally for a period of five minutes. Do not apply two coats
[Take photographs before brushing]
(4) Brushing for a period of three minutes
Open the denture model at an angle of 45 degrees, and then face the open region outward (see photograph). Brush all teeth with a load of approximately 100 to 200 grams for a period of three minutes.
Brush the upper jaw in a period of one min. and 30 sec. (Dip the brush in the water every 30 sec.) Brush the lower jaw in a period of one min. and 30 sec. (Dip the brush in the water every 30 sec.)
Wash out the jaw with running water for a period of 10 seconds, and then wipe it with a towel. [Take photographs after brushing]
Method for calculating removal rate:

After brushing, take photographs of the upper and lower jaws from straight above. Print close-ups of the upper and lower jaws in black and white. Make measurement of weight of a form with all teeth cut out and that after removing remaining artificial plaque region, and then calculate a removal rate.
Removal rate (%) =
Weight of form after cutting out the remaining plaque region (g) / Weight of form of all teeth (g) x 100
Evaluation Results: 
Artificial Plaque Removal Effect(%)

1st 98.3%
2nd 99.0%
3rd 98.2%
     Average 98.5%

B. “TAMPOPO no Tane” KAN
1st 99.1%
2nd 98.3%
3rd 97.4%
     Average 98.2%

C. “TAMPOPO no Tane” CH
1st 99.1%
2nd 98.0%
3rd 98.4%
     Average 98.5%
Evaluation reported by :
FCG Laboratory Inc. (Fuji-television product laboratory) in 30th August 2011, doc number 23033

Evaluation reported to :
STB Higuchi Co.Ltd