[Manufacturer's information]

Company name : STB Higuchi Co.Ltd

Company address : 4-6-29 Wakae-Higashi, Higashi-Osaka, JAPAN

CEO : Masaki Higuchi

Company profile :

- Established in 1955 in Japan.
- Manufactures parts of the precision machinery.
- Designs and manufactures the automation machinery.
- Produces and sells brushes for both individual and industry use in the Comodity Division.

Company website : www.stb-h.co.jp

[Distributor's information]

Company name : Kanaby Enterprise Ltd

Company address : 102 Green Lane, Morden, Surrey, SM4 6SS, United Kingdom

Managing Director : Kaname Okada

Company profile : 
- Established in February 2013 in UK.
- Official UK importer and exclusive distributor of 360do BRUSH series products.

Company website : www.facebook.com/kanaby.enterprise