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[AD] - All about Japanese Healthy Food!

Removes 98.4% of Plaque*

Won the 2013 Good Design Award in Japan.

World's first cylindrical 3D head cleans hard-to-reach areas for TOTAL mouth clean: TEETH, GUMS, CHEEKS & TONGUE.

20 times more bristles more
** than a normal toothbrush.
Superfine bristles achieve a smooth polished feel.

Available in 2 sizes - ADULT / CHILD

Smaller sizes are ideal for protecting younger delicate mouths.
EASY and FUN for children to use!

Perfect for use with BRACES - no more snagging bristles.

Quality product made in JAPAN,
BPA (Bisphenol A) FREE.

Recommended by UK dentist***

No need to rotate the brush, use it as usual.
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* See "FINDINGS" page for more details.
** See "TECH" page for more details.
*** Recommended by Dr.Keith Cohen in Oxford Circus, London.